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Something Wild Riding School


Our Instructor

Melinda Martinez

Melinda has been around horses her entire life starting from her first pony as a toddler. As the youngest of 8 kids and the only one involved in horses today, it was clear to see from day one that there was passion for them. Now, years later, we have travelled to competitions all over the country, and world.

She has a multi-discipline background spending time with trainers of many different ideologies but the most important thing that Melinda has tried to focus on is respect of the horse and creating the best athlete possible. From horsemanship trainers, to top trainers in dressage, reining, jumping, obstacles, colt starting, paso fino (gaited), and more, Melinda has taken away something from everyone to include in her toolbox today for both horse and rider.

Now, with her own daughter at the heart of inspiration, Melinda is setting out to once again create a program for riders to learn, focusing on safety and an understanding for the horse first and foremost.


Our Horses

The Most Important Part

Our horses are mostly gaited horses. What that means, is that they are not as bumpy to ride as your regular horse. We are working to integrate non-gaited horses into our program as well, to give our riders the opportunity to be the best, well rounded riders they can be. However, the gaited horses are a great challenge, and a great place to start. 

On top of being a fun ride, most of our horses are smaller in stature which makes them perfect mounts for kids to learn as they are less intimidating. Several of our horses are competitive having won or placed in national level competition.

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