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Riding Lessons 3 & Up

For 5 years and up, our riding lessons are 30 minutes of instructed riding time. Students are taught how to take care of their horse before and after the lesson. You will expect a total time commitment of 1 hour each time you come. This time can vary depending on what is required to care for the horse. As students advance, they can also warm up their horse on their own before scheduled lesson.

For 3-5 years old, our riding lessons consist of complete supervision and coaching for the whole process from grooming the horse, to riding, to putting the horse away and giving a treat. This takes about 30 minutes, with 10-15 minutes being riding time.

3-5 Year Old Lessons :

$120 a month, 4 weeks
$30 trial lesson available, $35 if paid weekly


5& Up Private Lesson :

$180 a month, 4 weeks
$45 trial lesson available, $55 if paid weekly

$330 a month, 4 weeks, 2x a week

Haul-In Lessons

Bring your horse for a chance to get help with them and with your riding. Whether I'm riding or you, the charge is the same, and the session is 30 minutes. You will want to arrive early enough to tack up and be ready to ride for your scheduled lesson time, and warmed up, if applicable.

Haul-In Lessons : $50


Coming Soon....

Horse Camp "Pony Days"
Homeschooling Programs
Group Lessons
Paso Pals Club

Farm Days
Obstacle Course

Covered Arena

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