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Questions & Answers

  • How often do we come for lessons?
    Sessions run with lessons set up on a once a week basis. If you are wanting to ride more than that, you can sign up for two slots during the session.
  • What do we need to do to prepare for lessons?
    For your first lesson, you just need to come with close toed shoes and appropriate riding attire. Preferably no loose fitting clothing and dressed appropriately for the weather. After your second lesson, if you are planning to continue, we ask that you acquire boots (paddock boots preferred) and a horseback riding ATSM certified helmet of your own. Our school helmets are available to start your first lesson or two.
  • Can I take a lesson on my own horse?
    Yes! You can haul your horse into our facility to come take a lesson.
  • Do you have a weight limit?
    Our weight limit for our lesson horses is 180 lbs.
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